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Rundown Studio vs Shoflo

·Spike Rogers

In this blog post, we will explore the key differences between Rundown Studio and Shoflo and delve into what sets Rundown Studio apart for efficiently managing your event production rundown or run-of-show.

What is Rundown Studio?

Rundown Studio is a dynamic cloud-based solution that redefines the way you plan, cue, and direct your shows, bringing a new era of efficiency and precision to your production workflow. The platform simplifies the planning, cueing, and directing of live events, enabling collaborative show creation, precise in-show timing, last-minute changes and asset tracking. With collaborative features and intuitive cueing controls, Rundown Studio empowers production teams to completely streamline their entire live event execution process.

What is Shoflo?

Shoflo is a web-based event software that helps production companies build real-time cue sheets, program schedules and scripts.

What Sets Rundown Studio Apart

User Experience


Shoflo is a powerful tool but is often described as too complex and features a less-than-intuitive user interface. Users have reported difficulties in navigating the platform and feeling overwhelmed by its features.

Rundown Studio

Rundown Studio stands out with its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. It aims to minimise the mental effort required to create and manage rundowns. The clean UI and customer-driven product decisions make it an accessible tool for individuals and teams alike.



To get started with Shoflo, you must go through a lengthy sales process, which can lead to delays and make it less convenient for individuals and teams seeking to create rundowns without a protracted negotiation phase.

Rundown Studio

Rundown Studio empowers users to get started quickly without the need for a complex sales process. You can jump right into creating a rundown without the hassle of negotiations or complicated setup.

Corporate Background


Shoflo is part of a larger events software company, which might be advantageous for some users looking for comprehensive event management solutions. However, it may also result in a less specialised focus on the specific needs of production professionals.

Rundown Studio

Rundown Studio is built by production professionals for production professionals. This hands-on experience results in a platform that truly understands the needs and challenges of those working in the field.



Shoflo’s pricing structure can be a drawback for smaller production companies and event organizers. With a starting price of over $1000 and no free tier, it may not be accessible to those with limited budgets. The absence of a permanent free tier means that potential users with small or no budgets can only use Shoflo during a 14-day trial, which can limit their ability to explore the software fully.

Rundown Studio

Rundown Studio offers an attractive pricing model. It has a free tier for smaller shows, making it budget-friendly. Our next pricing tier provides access to all features, making it an appealing option for production companies and event organisers seeking cost-effective solutions. Additionally, Rundown Studio offers per-event pricing at a very reasonable rate, allowing users to pay based on their immediate needs.

In summary, Shoflo and Rundown Studio differ in terms of complexity, sales process, corporate background, and pricing. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and preferences of users in the live event production industry.

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