Rundown software for live eSports events and streams

eSports is unpredictable. Your rundown shouldn't be.

Plans change all the time. Rundown Studio has the features to keep up with blazing-fast speed and keep your crew grounded. Turn chaos into organized flow and keep your spectators glued and wanting more.

Create a rundown for free

Dynamic rundowns

Ditch the spreadsheet formula headaches and complex interfaces. Reshape your rundown in seconds with intuitive drag-and-drop control as you adapt to the real-time event flow.

  • ✅ Automatic timing calculations
  • ✅ Built for speed in the high-pressure world of eSports broadcasting

Cue tracking

Experience the freedom of real-time collaboration. With cue tracking, instant updates, and precision timing, managing your rundown with your crew is effortless.

  • ✅ No more version control frustrations
  • ✅ Leave formatting nightmares behind

Format cells and add files

Ever wish your rundown could do more than store plain text? With rich text formatting, you can color code text, highlight important information, and add a checklist or bullet points.

  • ✅ Make your rundown the team’s source of truth
  • ✅ Add media files and sponsor logos directly into cells

Designed for collaboration

Decide who has visibility on which columns, edit-access, or read-only access, and create shareable private links for different departments.

  • ✅ Keep your freelancers, team members, and clients in the loop
  • ✅ Invite guests for free — no need to pay for extra seats

Custom outputs

Tailor your crew's information flow with custom outputs. Transform tablets, monitors, multi-views, and even smartphones into focused displays.

  • ✅ Curate precisely what each team member sees
  • ✅ Eliminate distractions and maximize efficiency

Plays well with other tools

Our rundown-specific API calls, which are free of charge, allow synching with a Stream Deck, and other third-party tools.

  • ✅ Works with Companion by BitFocus
  • ✅ Easy-to-read API documentation

Simplifying eSports
broadcasting and production

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Simple, easy pricing

Find a plan that suits your production needs and budget.

Team members


Studio Team

$600 USD / yearly

$50/month (billed yearly) • Excl. tax

Unlock all features for production, broadcast, or event planning teams.

  • 2 team members

  • Two week free trial
  • Annual billing for simplified accounting
Get Studio Team

Always included

  • Unlimited guests

  • Create unlimited rundowns, cues and columns
  • Import CSV schedules or run of show templates
  • Export PDF or CSV versions of your rundown

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