Run of Show software for live streaming

A great live stream is a smooth one: plan with precision.

Live streaming demands perfection without pause. If you’re tired of the limitations of spreadsheets and word documents, it’s time to upgrade. Rundown Studio’s user-friendly interface helps you create and manage your run of shows, keeping your stream on time and your team in sync.

Create a run of show for free

Plan live stream content together

Collaborative editing has never been easier for pre-production planning. Rundown Studio’s run-of-show software helps keep everyone aligned during meetings, no matter how complex your live stream.

  • ✅ Plan and outline show structure, segments, and key points.
  • ✅ Create unlimited columns for technical and audio cues, camera angles, and other detailed instructions or notes.
  • ✅ Format your run of show (or cue sheet) with color coding, dropdowns, checklists, and rich text to enhance visual clarity.

Collaborate better

Assign producers, on-air talents, and guests different roles and access levels and determine who can view or edit specific columns. Start collaborating in seconds without having to install software—all they need is the private link to access the run of show on a web browser. Whether you’re streaming in a studio or remotely, maintaining a single source of truth simplifies information access for the team. Simply drag files and scripts directly into the run of show to have all important documents on one centralized platform.

  • ✅ Invite guests, co-hosts, and freelancers to collaborate for free.
  • ✅ Shareable private links and role assignments.
  • ✅ No software download needed.

Precise timings

Leave no detail to chance with your live stream. Plan the flow of events down to the millisecond for smooth transitions between segments, scenes, and presenters. You remain in control with full flexibility to add or remove timings, even as the stream is live. With accurate timing, you can keep your live production on schedule and prevent costly delays.

  • ✅ Automatic time calculations simplify adding and adjusting durations.
  • ✅ No need to worry about formula errors, awkward silences, or missed cues.
  • ✅ Timezone-smart exports that adjust timings based on the user’s location.

Stream with confidence

Don't let surprises derail your show! Rundown Studio's intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes adapting your rundown a breeze. Keep your production on track with real-time updates, even when things don't go according to plan. Crew and guests can follow the live stream’s progress on their devices to stay in the loop.

  • ✅ Update timings, rearrange segments, or add new cues with just a few clicks.
  • ✅ Changes are reflected across all devices instantly.

Web-based teleprompter

Ensure every member of your live stream team has the information they need, exactly when they need it. Our customizable outputs let you create unique views for different roles, from large-text scripts for teleprompters to detailed stage timers with start/end cues.

  • ✅ Create personalized views for presenters, technical crew, and guests to help them stay focused with only the relevant information.
  • ✅ Turn any device into a confidence monitor, countdown/count-up timer, or prompter.

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  • Annual billing for simplified accounting
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  • Unlimited guests

  • Create unlimited rundowns, cues and columns
  • Import CSV schedules or run of show templates

  • Export PDF and CSV versions of your rundown

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