Rundown Studio Manifesto

Something happened to event tech software.

At the beginning of the pandemic many young and innovative projects were bought up by large venture-capital-fueled gambles with the hope of cashing out big during the 3-year virtual-event hype. But as the virus disappeared and in-person events returned, these gambles went bust.

Now, having tasted the advantages of digital processes, event tech companies struggle to find affordable solutions. So they turn to software incumbents charging them $16,000 per year for computer code running on what is likely $300/year servers.

That’s why we made Rundown Studio. We believe nobody should pay more than $299/month for our software. We believe users shouldn’t be punished for every pair of eyes they invite to their documents. That’s why all guest access is free.

Never should a subscription software be able to hold you hostage. With Rundown Studio you own your data. Export and import it at any time in a common file format.

The future of event software should be bright, we want to build that future!

Follow us for the latest updates to see it happen.

— John Barker and Lukas Hermann

Simple, easy pricing

Find a plan that suits your production needs and budget.

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Studio Team

$600 USD / yearly

$50/month (billed yearly) • Excl. tax

Unlock all features for production, broadcast, or event planning teams.

  • 2 team members

  • Two week free trial
  • Annual billing for simplified accounting
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Always included

  • Unlimited guests

  • Create unlimited rundowns, cues and columns
  • Import CSV schedules or run of show templates
  • Export PDF or CSV versions of your rundown

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