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Sign up for the referral program and tell us a little about yourself.

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Receive an exclusive discount code to share with friends and colleagues.

Each time the code is used for a new yearly subscription, enjoy an extra 10% reduction on your next bill. Get 100% off when your code is used 10 times.


Your friends and colleagues also benefit - they get a 10% discount on their yearly plan when they use the code.

It's a win-win for everyone!

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The details

What is the Rundown Studio referral program?

The Rundown Studio referral program allows you to get a discount on your next subscription bill by referring other customers. When they sign up, your bill is reduced by 10% per paying customer.

How do I refer customers?

We give you a personal discount code which you can share with friends or colleagues. When these friends and colleagues sign up for a yearly subscription using your personal code, we keep track of that and adjust your next bill based on how many times the code has been used.

How do I sign up?

Use the link above to register your interest. We will take a look ASAP and get back to you.

How much discount can I get?

You can get up to 100% off your next bill. For example, if your code is used by 10 people, you'll get 100% off.

Does the code work for all subscription plans?

Your personal discount code will work for Yearly subscriptions.

How do I keep track of how many times my code has been used?

At this time, we use our external payment provider to keep track of this usage. We're happy to share with you the total count at any time, however we cannot give you direct access to that dashboard at this time.

How often will my bill be reduced?

On the first of each month, we review code usage and apply the appropriate discount to your next bill.