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Event link

Event link

Inviting guests to your entire event couldn’t be easier with our “Invite guest” links.

Generating a link will allow you to share a single destination to all of your rundowns for any event you have coming up. You can also choose between read-only and full edit access.

Open an event and choose the “Invite Guest” button.

Inviting a guest to an event
Inviting a guest to an event

The modal is where you can configure and generate a sharable link.

Configuring an invite link
Configuring an invite link

Read access

Choosing the “Only read access” option, will ensure that guests can only read the contents of your rundowns. This is perfect for following along with a show, but not making any changes to it.

Learn more about read-only rundowns here.

Full read and write access

Choosing “Full read and write access” will give any guests with the link the ability to fully read and make changes to any of the rundowns within the event link that you hare. This means they can add/remove cues, change timings and run the show.

Best to use this type of link when you are sure about who you are sharing the link with.

Learn more about editing a rundown here.

Event page

When a guests visits the link, they will see a list of all the rundowns within your event.

The guest can click on any of the rundowns within the list to open it and follow along with your rundown.

Rundown list on the event page
Rundown list on the event page