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Your team

Your team

Make changes to your team and add/remove members.

Changing your team name

Update your team name by entering a new name into the “Team Name” input.

When you’re done, click outside the input and your changes will be saved.

Changing a team name
Changing a team name

Adding team members

Add new members to your team with the “Add new member” button below the current list of team members.

Adding a new team member
Adding a new team member

From here, you can choose if that team member should be:

  • Admin: Fully control over the account
  • Billing: Have access to the billing section of your account
  • Member: No access to billing, but full access to rundowns in your team

Once you enter their email address and role, they will receive an invite link asking them to accept your invitation.

Entering a team member's email and role
Entering a team member’s email and role

Removing a team member

When the time comes to remove a team member, use the “…” button next to their name and choose “remove” to kick them from your team. This will happen instantly.

Removing a team member
Removing a team member