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Rundown basics

Rundown basics

A rundown contains cues, columns and cells. Get to know how each of these work in this section.


A rundown cue contains all the elements needed to keep track of a particular show item during a typical live production.

Rundown cue
Rundown cue

From left to right in the example below:

  • A settings icon for making overall changes to the cue.
  • The cue number.
  • The duration of the cue.
  • The cue’s title or description.
  • And finally, cells which contain content.

Hovering your mouse over any of these sections will give you full edit ability of each part of the cue.

Setting a duration

A typical change you might want to make to a cue is to set its duration.

Changing the cue duration can be done by clicking on the current duration, and using the inputs to set a duration in the hour:minute:second format.

Setting the duration of a cue
Setting the duration of a cue

When done, clicking outside, or pressing enter on your keyboard, will set the new time.

Pro tip: Before setting the new time, you can use the "Escape" key to revert to the original duration.


Keep track of all sorts of important information with columns.

In this example rundown we have 4 columns - one for each department working on our production. We can use each of these columns to inform and draw attention to important details.

A collection of columns in a rundown
A collection of columns in a rundown


A cell within Rundown Studio can be “Richtext” or a “Dropdown” - Each are slightly different, so let’s explore how you might use them.

In this example the “Notes” column is set to “richtext” and the “Camera” column is set to “dropdown”.


A richtext cell allows for text, highlighting and color options, and drag-and-drop of images.

With some text selected, I can set all sorts of formatting and color options - or choose to remove all styles.

Editing a richtext cell
Editing a richtext cell

File uploading

Cells also accept all sorts of file types which can be dragged-and-dropped right into your cell.

Accepted files

We accept: Images, PDFs, Document files (like .docx, .csv), Video files, Audio files, and lots more

Drag and Drop

Upload a file to Rundown Studio by dragging it right into any cell.

Dragging-and-dropping a file into a rundown cell
Dragging-and-dropping a file into a rundown cell

A dropdown column will allow for a selection between options - great for choosing between a pre-defined list of camera angles, or status’.

With this dropdown list, the show caller or producer can instruct a camera operator which type of shot to frame for each cue.

By choosing “Edit options”, they can also add in several more camera angles which will later appear on the dropdown list.

Editing a dropdown cell
Editing a dropdown cell