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Running a show

Running a show

So you've built the rundown and now it's time to run your show. Let's do this thing!


When you’re ready to start, hit the “Play” button at the top of the rundown which will start the show.

Show control in Rundown Studio
Show control in Rundown Studio

Next cue

The “Next cue” button will advance the show to the next cue on the list. By default, Rundown Studio will cue-up the next cue on your rundown and automatically switch to that cue.

You’ll know which cue will play next as it has a pulsing white border.

Next cue button in Rundown Studio
Next cue button in Rundown Studio

Manually selecting the next cue

Let’s say you want to skip ahead in your show, or maybe backtrack a little - this can be done by manually cuing up your next cue.

Click on the cue number of any cue to get manually cue it up.


At any time, you can pause a show which will hold all timers. This can be done with the “Pause” button. You can resume the show again by clicking on the “Play” icon.


When you have reached the end of a show, the “Next cue” button will be replaced with a “End” button. This is how you end the show.

If you want to keep going, just manually cue up another item on your rundown.