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PDF export

PDF export

Exporting your rundown is super simple with our built-in PDF generator. This takes all the data from your rundown and presents it in a printable format. It’s also super handy to stash an offline copy just in case you’re headed to a venue that’s a little out of the way.

Creating a PDF

Open your rundown and use the Rundown button to get access to the PDF export modal.

Export PDF menu
Export PDF menu

Landscape or portrait

We’ve included both landscape and portrait orientations and ensured that no matter the size and complexity of your rundown, you still have a presentable way to export and share it with others.

PDF export options
PDF export options


This orientation is perfect for rundowns with 10 or fewer columns as it is designed to be very similar to the web interface of Rundown Studio and it will display the cues, columns and cells just as you would expect them

Example PDF with a landscape orientation
Example PDF with a landscape orientation

As you can see, all the cues are listed vertically and each cue includes the columns from left to right.


For more complex rundowns with 10 or more columns, we recommend exporting in portrait orientation to allow for all of your information to be readable.

Example PDF with a portrait orientation
Example PDF with a portrait orientation

The portrait oriented PDF also includes cues stacked vertically, however it also stacks all the columns vertically, ensuring that your cell data can take up as much space as it needs to take up.

Timezone picker

We’ve added a timezone chooser to the PDF export option so that you can convert all the start and end times to suit any collaborators in other timezones.

Choose a timezone from the list and your exported PDF will have updated start and end times based on that.

Downloading a PDF

When you’re done configuring the options, use the “Download PDF” button to download the PDF. After a few seconds, the PDF file will be downloaded to your computer and ready for you to email, print or just store locally.