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25th April 2024

  • New Script output for displaying large text on a teleprompter or autocue.
  • Fix: Team admins can now edit the team name as expected.
  • Fix: Group cues can no longer accidentally be added to other groups.
  • Fix: Duplicating a cue within a group will place it directly after the original cue.


12th April 2024

  • Improvements to cell editing:
    • Improved saving logic.
    • Cells are locked when editing to avoid conflicts if multiple people are editing the same cell.
    • Keyboard navigation to move around cells with Arrow and Tab keyboard shortcuts.
    • Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and Paragraph options for text sizes.
  • Custom logos added to an event will now show on the rundown outputs in place of the Rundown Studio logo.
  • A skipped cue on a rundown will ignore the original duration and be displayed as 0 seconds.


27th March 2024

  • Events
    • Organize your rundowns into events.
    • Add an image that will be used across all rundowns and exports.
  • CSV export: Export your rundown in the .CSV format for use with third-party tools.
  • Clearer timezone breakdown for each rundown on the dashboard.
  • [1.12.1] Allow guests to access rundowns that are part of an event.


13th March 2024

  • Timezone support! Choose a timezone for any rundown and all clocks will update to display in that chosen timezone.
  • Fix for when two users with different rundowns open could impact each other’s work when updating their own rundown.
  • [1.11.1] Fixing a temporary issue where users couldn’t log in or sign up.
  • [1.11.2] Fix for an issue while duplicating a rundown.


5th March 2024

  • New Outputs with advanced configuration options. Learn how to customize your output here.
  • ”Are you sure” prompt before deleting a group cue within a rundown.
  • Clearer “reveal” and “hide” actions when access the API token.
  • Clearer browser title for each page making it easier to know what tabs are open.
  • [1.10.1] Fix for single-cue output where the “next” section is hidden when there is no next cue.


20th February 2024

  • Improvements to cell text entry and consistency to the saving mechanism after you stop typing.
  • Last 5 seconds are now clickable while running a show - Perfect for rehearsing or jumping ahead in time.
  • Clearer cue start/end times between each cue.
  • API link added to all rundowns for easy referencing of how the API works.
  • [1.9.1]: Time inputs on a rundown now display AM/PM clearer.


7th February 2024

  • ’Allow full access’ guest link when sharing your rundown with a third-party guest.


31st January 2024

  • Improved navigation for inviting guests, exporting PDFs and generating rundown outputs.
  • ”End show” option to save all rundown timings.
  • Add or Remove time from a currently running cue.
  • Clearer explanation of how over/under is calculated.


24th January 2024

  • Create groups and sub-cues for better rundown organization and management.
  • Choose any custom colour for cue backgrounds on a rundown.
  • API socket for advanced use and control of Rundown Studio.


7th November 2023

  • Page numbers added to PDF exports.
  • New GET /rundown/{rundownId} endpoint added for getting basic information of a rundown.
  • ”Clear formatting” button now has a popup description.
  • Verification emails are now sent when you visit /verify.
  • Wording for CSV import process clarified.
  • [1.5.1] Cell changes now sync as expected when multiple users are logged into the same rundown


30th November 2023

  • Search and Sort rundowns in your dashboard.
  • Onboarding email flow added full of helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of Rundown Studio.
  • [1.4.1] Entering spacebar in a text editor when the rundown is running will not work as expected.


23th November 2023

  • Duplicating rundowns should now work as expected.
  • Text is now selectable on a read-only rundown.
  • Improved time rounding for rundowns that are running less than 1 second over/under.
  • [1.3.1] Duplicating rundowns will no longer shift column data around.


7th November 2023

  • Import CSV and use AI to process the information and format it into a lovely rundown.
  • Export a PDF of your rundown to send to client - or even print (if you really have to!).
  • v0 API for control via Companion and other third-party tools.


30th August 2023

  • Initial public release.